Being the co-founder and identity creator of a world recognized clothing brand taught me the importance of design as a function of communicating most effectively your message / product to your clientele. Understanding the customers' needs and how they digest information is critical to the reaching of the largest audience possible.   
In the role of Creative Director, I have designed and managed the creation of multi-page catalogs, all forms of marketing materials for both print and web and merchandising materials for in-store use. I have an excellent understanding of the garment printing process that helps ensure the results are top quality, under budget while meeting extremely tight deadlines. 
I have a passion and gift for bringing one's vision to life, the strength of my skills is collaboration
and strategizing how best to visually accomplish my client's vision.
I enjoy oil painting, riding my motorcycle and traveling with my wife whenever possible.
I am a compelling fit as your teammate for your visual identity. The rare bridge between the world of design and the world of strategic business sense. I have the ability to simultaneously operate from the creative aesthetic to the organizational mindset in order to create visually appealing design while working within budget / time parameters.
In short, I am a maker, a creative soul that longs to collaborate, relishing the creative process. I would be honored to team with you to bring your vision to life.
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